Kevin McNeil is a Special Victims Detective, author, educator, and motivational speaker.  Throughout his 18-year career as a law enforcement officer and detective, Kevin has testified in court as an expert witness and is responsible for putting together numerous cases for prosecution against sex offenders.  Kevin has investigated and solved several high profile media cases; including six serial rape cases and five child murder cases.

His years of experience as a police officer and detective allow him to consult with local law enforcement agencies as well as Child Advocacy Centers, hospitals, school systems and state family protective service agencies. He helps agencies measure the effects of abuse, and educates the general public on how to recognize and report abuse to the proper authorities.  Kevin’s passion is to educate the world on the effects of abuse and how it can be eradicated from our culture.

Detective Kevin McNeil presents a motivating and compelling presentation on why helping abuse victims is more than just a job; it is a calling.  This presentation will highlight why your job is more than just something you get paid to do but is a unique call to service.  Part of Kevin’s presentation highlights the importance of providing a space for victims to talk about their abuse in a friendly supportive environment such as the child advocacy center. He demonstrates how neuroscience confirms that talking about abuse in a supportive environment increases the chances of victims recovering from their abuse; enabling them to live healthy lives. You will see how forensic interviews are changing lives and giving parents reassurance they are not alone. [Read More…]

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Five Questions for Laurie Whitworth

Laurie Whitworth is the Executive Director of Harmony House Children’s Advocacy Center in Royston.

CACGA:  What is Harmony House Child Advocacy Center for kids?

Laurie Whitworth:  Harmony House Child Advocacy Center serves the Northern Judicial Circuit. Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison and Oglethorpe Counties make up this circuit. Our mission is to provide a central location, using multidisciplinary team approaches to the evaluation, intervention, prosecution, and treatment for children (and their non-offending caregivers) who have been alleged victims of child abuse.  No single agency, individual or discipline has all the knowledge, skills or resources to provide needed assistance to abused children and their families. Harmony House Child Advocacy Center combines the wisdom and professional knowledge of child protective services, law enforcement, prosecution, medical professionals and mental health professionals by bringing together all of these entities and individuals under one roof in response to an allegation of abuse. Harmony House Child Advocacy Center maintains the focus on the child and works to ensure that the system designed to protect children is able to do so more effectively.

CACGA: What would you like the community to know about the professionals who work at Harmony
House Child Advocacy Center?

Laurie Whitworth:  Harmony House staff consist of professionals who are qualified, highly skilled, extensively trained and most of all passionate about making a difference in the recovery of a child who has experienced abuse and the family who are walking the path with them. [Read More…]

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