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We just want to thank all of our sponsors, vendors, national expert speakers and especially the incredible 280 One Team ’17 conference attendees that helped make this year’s conference a huge success. And we give a special shout-out to all who serve Georgia’s children and families every single day. See you all next year. It was a blast!#OneTeam2018


Kevin McNeil is a Special Victims Detective, author, educator, and motivational speaker.  Throughout his 18-year career as a law enforcement officer and detective, Kevin has testified in court as an expert witness and is responsible for putting together numerous cases for prosecution against sex offenders.  Kevin has investigated and solved several high profile media cases; including six serial rape cases and five child murder cases.

His years of experience as a police officer and detective allow him to consult with local law enforcement agencies as well as Child Advocacy Centers, hospitals, school systems and state family protective service agencies. He helps agencies measure the effects of abuse, and educates the general public on how to recognize and report abuse to the proper authorities.  Kevin’s passion is to educate the world on the effects of abuse and how it can be eradicated from our culture.

Detective Kevin McNeil presents a motivating and compelling presentation on why helping abuse victims is more than just a job; it is a calling.  This presentation will highlight why your job is more than just something you get paid to do but is a unique call to service.  Part of Kevin’s presentation highlights the importance of providing a space for victims to talk about their abuse in a friendly supportive environment such as the child advocacy center. He demonstrates how neuroscience confirms that talking about abuse in a supportive environment increases the chances of victims recovering from their abuse; enabling them to live healthy lives. You will see how forensic interviews are changing lives and giving parents reassurance they are not alone. [Read More…]

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The Big Book Release

The Big Book Announcement

The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia has just published a one-of-a-kind resource for survivors of child abuse titled, “Words of Hope and Healing: Encouragement and Empowerment of Survivors of Child Abuse.” Along with forewords by National Children’s Advocacy Center Executive Director Chris Newlin, CACGA Consultant and former National Children’s Alliance Executive Director Nancy Chandler, and “Jane Doe,” a mom whose child was served by a Georgia CAC, the chapters that follow were all written by a director of a Georgia CAC.

In this book, our directors from across the state of Georgia have written about hope, encouragement, and empowerment. They have imagined through their writings what it would be like sitting with a child and non-offending caregiver on their final day at the CAC when a child asks: What now? What is my life going to be like? What happens to kids like me who’ve had things like this happen to them? How can I be successful? How can I trust? How can I love? Who cares about me? Or any number of the many questions that have been asked by children over the years.

The result is a powerful book rich in words of hope, healing and encouragement from dedicated and professional advocates who see, and serve, children who allege abuse, neglect, and exploitation every day. Our hope at CACGA is that every child and family who is served by a CAC, upon leaving our services and transitioning back into the journey called life, be given a copy of this book so that they can continually review and reflect upon these powerful words of hope and healing. We also hope that anyone who suffers from any trauma, regardless of its cause, be given this book for its source of positive and productive influence.

For the children.

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