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OneTeam against child sex trafficking.



The Work of CACGA

The majority of CAC Georgia’s professional work product is designed to provide direct services to CACs across the state. A critical corollary is to provide direct services and support to those Georgia communities that seek to establish a CAC within their judicial circuit, by working with the base of stakeholders who will ultimately become active as multidisciplinary team members.

Additionally, CACGA provides direct-service support, skill and assistance for Georgia CACs in their community, as well as outreach and awareness activities. This includes a rich assortment of technical assistance, such as detailed and frequent technical assistance with case tracking matters. Finally, CACGA provides state-of-the-art training opportunities for local CACs, their Board Members, their MDT members and their interested community members at such trainings as the annual medical and mental health summits and World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, which is held annually in November. It works closely with public and private Georgia stakeholder entities, which, like CACGA, seek to eradicate all forms of child maltreatment. All the while, CACGA staff and member center professionals successfully take a national leadership role with other state networks, with the National Children’s Advocacy Center, and the National Children’s Alliance, among other like-minded organizations. This, in turn, provides additional professional opportunities for all of its member Centers.

CAC Georgia’s Guiding Principles

CACGA believes access to strong, local children’s advocacy centers will provide child victims and their non-offending family members with the unique services they need to begin their journey toward hope, justice and healing. CACGA always explores, develops and documents strategies for developing additional CACs and/or expanding services of existing CACs, while continuing to provide professional, technical, training and other support services for our CACs. Many of our CACs are nationally recognized facilities, and have been for many years, which means numerous CAC professionals who work for children within Georgia are the best in the nation. But regardless of status, all of our CACs perform critical roles and services for children and families in their respective communities.

Currently, there are 47 children’s advocacy centers in Georgia. All 47 Georgia CACs that are fully accredited by the National Children’s Alliance, which is seventh in the United States.